Monday, July 1, 2013


I was asked "Why do you call yourself Post-Christian?"

I'm sure that I didn't create this term, but I don't know if it has different meanings from my own. So, I'm glad you asked, so I can be clear.

What I mean by calling myself "post-Christian" includes:
  • I am not an active member of any church.
  • I am not a follower of or a believer in any non-denominational group or individual.
  • I have not become an atheist or agnostic.
  • I know so many religious categories and labels, but find none which fit my perception of myself.
  • I am reluctant to be confined to a single viewpoint on spiritual matters, while acknowledging that I did do that up until fairly recently.
  • To communicate that last point while avoiding any more specific labels, I identify myself by the break I have recently made from all organized religion, specifically Christianity, but not limited to it.
  • I am not claiming any superior knowledge or understanding of spiritual things. I did once do that, as do most people who accept the role of Christian Teacher (perhaps not as a spoken claim, but certainly with an implied approval of the label others applied to me).
  • Contrary to the above point, I now confess to understand less and less a daily increasing number of things about God, gods, good & evil, origins and destiny. Things which I used to be very certain that I understood.
Did that answer your question?

UPDATE 6/18/2014 
I hope the reader of my blog will go on to read the rest of my posts here, and not stop with this one, which is a simple snapshot of where I was on the date in July of 2013, but obviously does not set me in stone. I have changed since then, most notably in coming out atheist. Keep reading!

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