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How To Keep Members From Leaving Your Church

An open letter to my former church, in which valuable advice on how to retain members is humbly offered.

The biggest problem facing the Seventh-day Adventist Church is arguably how easily they lose church members. They constantly praise one another for each new baptism, but chronically ignore established members who no longer attend.

The Possibility That You Are Wrong

Israeli settlers are stealing other people's land in the hope of bringing on the Messiah and a terrible war. On the alternative side-- as it thinks of itself-- the Islamic jihadists are preparing a war without end, a faith-based war, based on the repulsive tactic of suicide murder. And ALL of these people believe that they have a divine warrant, a holy book, and the direct Word of God on their side. (Christopher Hitchens debating Dinesh D'Souza at Notre Dame,

Case Study in Deluded Christian Credulity

"Given this broad agreement on the fundamentals of climate science, what cognitive mechanism would underlie people's dissent from the consensus? We suggest that if a person rejects an overwhelming scientific consensus, such as the one for climate science, then that person needs to deny that the consensus emerged as the result of researchers converging independently on the same evidence-based view. Rejection of the scientific consensus thus calls for an alternative explanation of the very existence of that consensus.

Anonymous Guest Post

It's kind of long and not such an easy read but stick with it till the end.....